If you get into a car accident and the other person does not have insurance do you still pay the deductible?

If you get into a car accident and the other person does not have insurance do you still pay the deductible?This depends on many factors, including the capability of the other person to pay for your damages. Some insurance policies will not require you to pay a deductible. Others will. If the other person can pay for the damages, you and your insurance will not have to pay.

If someone hits your parked car does their insurance company pay and do you still pay your deductible?

If you determine to go through your carrier — and assuming your policy doesn’t have a provision for waiving your deductible under these circumstances — then, yes, you’ll have to pay your deductible. Your carrier will then pursue the at-fault party for all monies paid, including your deductible. Keep in mind that applying your deductible has nothing to do with liability. It doesn’t matter if your car was parked and unoccupied, or if you were rear-ended. Rather, the deductible is the portion you agreed to pay in the event of ANY loss, regardless of liability. If the at-fault carrier agrees to pay for the damages (which they should, given the facts-of-loss), then you’re correct: You wouldn’t pay your deductible. Your deductible applies only if you’re going through your own carrier, and even then, the at-fault party still owes for ALL the damages. By avoiding your own carrier, you shouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket for any of the damages. Also, if you do determine to go through your own carrier, they might waive your deductible if they confirm that the at-fault driver has active insurance, and if they confirm that the other carrier is willing to pay. A private practice: When I called my insurance company about this, they told me that if the at-fault person’s insurance company (I’m assuming they’re at fault since they hit a parked car) assumes liability (again, since they’re most likely liable) they’ll cover the damages and I won’t have the pay the deductible. Did I hear this wrong? Also, I live in Pennsylvania, and from what I hear our insurance laws are a little goofy.

If you were in a car accident and the other person was at fault should her insurance pay for your rental car medical bills and all of your repairs?

yes, assuming the are allaccident relatedand she is 100% negligent, and therfore liable/responsible for your damages…….if a specific problem with some of this give more details and i can be of more assistance….. It also depends on whether your state is a “no fault” state or not. In a “no fault” state, the parties involved in an auto accident are automatically reimbursed by their own insurance company. However, it is still possible for the victim of an auto accident to receive extra compensation for certain damages (i.e. medical expenses, agony and suffering, economic losses, etc.). If the accident victim’s auto insurance policy does not cover the amount of damages they’ve sustained, they may want to consider legal act against the at fault driver. However, this all depends on the state the accident victim lives in and the amount/type of damages sustained.

What if you have total coverage insurance for your car and you have a single car accident and you have a suspended license does the insurance people still pay for it?

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wrong side driving car was total harm * drank liqueds and drove the car it is also pay *

What if a car is possessed by a person and they have an accident not yet reported but the insurance is in your name but you no longer want to be in that relationship or have to pay that insurance?

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Send a letter to the company stating the facts – let them know that you will not be responsible for any premiums, and if you live seperate, tell them that too. They may want proof of fresh insurance you have obtained. As for not reporting a claim, you should disclose that to the insurance company.

If you are in a car accident in Pennsylvania and your insurance company pays the claim can the person driving the other car still sue you?

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When an insurance company lodges with the other party, they ask for a signed release that absolves them or you of any further liability in connection with that incident.

If someone drives your car with your permission and has an accident who should pay for the items not covered by your insurance such as deductible and alternate transportation etc?

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That is inbetween you and your friend and how much you want to remain friends with this person. This question might be better suited for Dr. Phil or Oprah.

In Florida If you were in an accident and was excluded from driving the car and it was not your fault can the insurance co make the holder of the car pay for the damages on the other car?

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The insurance company is not going to force anyone to pay for damages to a car. The person that was driving the car and or the proprietor of that car that caused the accident is liable for the damages to the other vehicles involved in the accident. If there is insurance coverage for that harm then the insurance company will pay. However if the driver of the at fault vehicle is excluded from the insurance policy then the insurance company may be relaxed from it’s responsibility to pay on behalf of the possessor of the vehicle.

Can your employer make you pay the insurance deductible if you have an accident in a company vehicle?

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I don’t know, but if the accident was your fault, why should he have to pay it? Might be better to pay it so you can keep your job (if the accident was your fault)..
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Very likely not, if you were on company business at the time. If you take a company truck home after work and you were at fault, that’s a different situation. In either case, if you were at fault, he can write you up or possibly fire you. It might be lighter just to pay the deductable.

You missed your insurance payment by two days had an accident that was not your fault is the other party pay for damages to your car through their insurance?

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If you are truly not at fault and the other insurance company is admitting liability then you should have no problem. As a side note I have heard of periodic rumblings that some states may enact a “pay to play” law. This would mean that even the “not at fault” party in an accident would have to have a valid insurance policy at the time of the accident in order to receive payment from the “at fault” driver’s policy.

Do you have to pay a deductible if your car is involved in a hit and run accident?

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If the party who caused the accident is not located, then you most likely will have to fork over your standard deductible.

Will car insurance pay for a car totaled in a DUI accident?

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It should. If the “at fault” vehicle is insured, it’s supposed to cover the victim’s vehicle 100%. If the “at fault” vehicle has comprehensive and collision insurance that insurance is supposed to cover the at fault vehicle up to the deductable amount.Note that the buzzed driver will liberate his insurance and be required to get the VERY expensive DUI “insurance endorsment” since he/she is now in the highest risk bracket..
BTW, when a tipsy driver causes a collision it’s not called an “accident”. Accident is when things just happen. Driving tipsy is the CAUSE of the collision and as such the collision is not called an accident. Call it a wreck, crash or just about anything else that takes away the implication of a random act.

Who pays for the other cars harm in a two person accident if the proprietor of the car was not driving?

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The possessor of the car is responsible for the damages that car creates, regardless of who was driving. If there is a lawsuit, the insurance company is certainly going to enjoin the driver. And you need to read the insurance policy cautiously to know whether they cover other drivers.

If you get into a car accident and the other person does not have insurance do you still pay the deductible?

Does the person who’s car was hit by another have to pay a deductible to have his own car repaired when it was the other persons fault?

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in my state you don’t have to but there are some “no fault” states like Michigan.I would call my insurance and ask them to make sure.

What can someone do if they get into an accident with a vehicle they’re still paying for with no car insurance?

The only thing you can do is pay for all your damages out of pocket. After all it was your decision to drive without insurance.

What do you do if you get into an accident with a person who does not have car insurance?

Laws will vary from state to state. In some places you must call the police only when the harm is over a certain amount. You should check the situation in the place where you live..
If anyone has been injured then you need to call for medical assistance instantly..
Presumably you have total car insurance. If you have a camera take some shots of the accident. Get contact details of any witnesses, especially if it is not clear who is at fault..
Do all the following whether it was your fault or his fault. Exchange contact details as fully as possible. Write down his number plate registration and driving license details. Give him the name of your insurance company. While you are photographing the accident attempt and get a shot of him too. If the police will come, then call them. If it seems the other driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then call the police. If the other driver admits fault (for example, if he says “Sorry, that was my fault. I shouldn’t have crossed that line, or whatever), write down his exact words, if possible. You may have to use them later.

If a car was in an accident and the person driving had no licensed but was not at fault will the other persons insurance pay for damages because they were at fault?

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Yes the insurance carrier of the person at fault will pay for the damages if they are in fact proved to be at fault. However you will be cited for driving without a license.

Can you still collect on your own insurance without paying the deductible after an accident.?

If you have collision coverage on your vehicle you can collect from your insurance company for the damages. You will not have to pay the deductible if you were determined by the insurance company to not be at fault for the accident. They then go after the other insurance company to get the money they paid you back. If you do not carry collision coverage then you need to file with other insurance company, they will then determine who was at fault for the accident if their party was at fault they then pay you for the damages to your vehicle.

If you accidentally hit your wifey’s car with your car and both vehicles are insured on the same policy will you have to pay two deductibles or will it be treated as a single accident?

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You need to check with your agent. In some cases, accidents involving relatives are not covered.

If you are toasted but have an accident and the other party was at fault will insurance pay for your car damages?

NO your insurance will not pay because you were drinking and driving which is ILLEGAL. You were at fault. It doesnt matter if you were stopped and the other person hit you you were still driving under the influence. YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL.

I had no insurance and was in a car accident but it was no one’s fault Do I have to pay for the other car?

If there was no police report and neither party was given a ticket by the police, then there is no official assignment of fault and it would be hard for the other person to obligate you to pay. If it was “no one’s fault’, why are you worried about paying? Just a bit of advice, tho’. It’s significant to keep your auto insurance up to date because it protects you from possibly being sued personally. Good luck..
this is a vague question to attempt to response, as auto insurance varies considerably by state. the brief reaction is, “most likely not, but you might face criminal charges if it is illegal to drive without insurance in your state” … attempt researching this on your own or ask the question again specific to your state.

If you were in an accident with no insurance and it was not your fault but the other car at fault has insurance and was issused a ticket will there insurance company pay you or the bank?

The at-fault party’s insurance should cover your vehicle..

Do I have to pay the insurance deductible to fix my car in NYC if the other driver runs the stop sign?

If the other driver was found “at fault”, his insurnce company should pay the total repair including deductable

Will individual medical insurance or car insurance pay medical expenses in an auto accident?

Your choice, depending on which coverage is better. Attempt the auto insurance very first. but reminisce, their job is to minimize costs, and sometimes you have to go where they send you. they may have boundaries depending on the policy and state laws. your medical coverage is designed to cut costs by keeping you alive and healthy to keep paying them. they don’t make money off dead people or people too sick to work and keep coverage. they will usually end up paying for long term issues, especially if they don’t pop up right away or if a pre existing conditioned is worsed. how much wor$e is the back anguish, indeed? you should go through the auto insurance if its drastic, expensive, extensive care. if its minor aches and ache just pay your Ten$ or $20 copay and go to your primary care physician (your doctor). if you get hurt in an accident, go to the closest hospital right away, don’t delay or the ins co may attempt to loophole out of paying you, thinking scam alert. i once tapped a duo in their 50’s when i was 16 and only driving for a few months. he slammed on his cracks after realizing he was about to miss his turn. at 20 miles in a 25 (it was 200 yards after a turn) i hit a pile of humid leaves next to a stone wall and skidded into them. i was sited no fault as i could not get off the road or go into opposing traffic (why they stopped). they were complaining about how hard i hit them and she was telling he already had a bad back and now this. the office on the scene asked them did they want him to call them an ambulance to take them to a hospital. She said right away no, they were going to their own doctor. after they left the cop told me they would be trouble. but they were denied due to lack of physical proof and officer testimony. so the moral is because some scam, they reason all are potential scammers until proven actually hurt.

If you have total coverage insurance and have a car accident will the insurance company pay off your car if you still owe on the car?

If you’re filing the claim through your own collision coverage, your car insurance will pay the actual cash value (ACV) minus your deductible at time of loss. This may not be enough to cover loan due to interest, negative equity, etc. You can look at buying gap coverage either through your finance company or your insurance company if this concerns you. The best available resource for determining your ACV is www.nada.com.

Where do you file a claim to sue for deductible from a car accident involving a car with no insurance with no insurance?

If I understand your question you are attempting to recover a deductible you incurred due to the fault of the other driver who was uninsured? If this is the case it may depend on the state in which you live and what coverage you may or may not carry. If you are from CA, we have what is called UMCDW or uninsured motorist collision deductible waiver, which if you were carrying this type coverage as part of your auto policy, it would pay your deductible if your vehicle were hit by an at fault, identifiable uninsured driver. If you do not have similar coverage on your policy or in your state, you may simply have to file a claim in petite claims court to recover your deductible and good luck. In many cases if you are dealing with an uninsured driver, even if you win judgement you still have to be able to collect it…sometimes the hardest part! In the future you may want to consider a product called CDRP which is a Collision Deductible Reserve Plan to insure your deductible is always available for you when you need to use it. It is a very wise financial budge that can not only save you hundreds if not thousands on your car insurance premiums but would give you peace of mind knowing your deductible is always there when you need it! You can learn more about this incredible product at TheFiveMinuteMove.com .

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If you get into a car accident and the other person does not have insurance do you still pay the deductible?

What is a person at fault with no car insurance in accident to do. in a car accident where i was at fault. i does not have insurance on my car. both cars are totaled. other woman has insurance help?

If you were at fault, then you are liable for all costs. Whether you have insurance or not does not negate your liability. In most states if you fail to pay for the claimants losses you will lose your driving priviledges for up to Ten years or until you pay the bill which ever comes very first. If the other person has insurance to pay for their losses then you will be required to re-imburse that Insurance Company for the damages you caused, You are still the at fault party and are liable for the damages. If you don’t pay the Insurance company they can also turn it over to a collection agency and it will certainly affect your credit for the next Ten years. Basically to sum up. If you don’t pay the damages you will likely lose your credit rating as well as your drivers license for the next Ten years. Good Luck

Will the other persons insurance pay if i got into an accident driving with a suspended license?

Insurance companies normally pay out according to who was “at fault” in the accident. A court may determine that cracking a traffic law, (driving while suspended), places you “at fault”. If there is substantial money or extra traffic penalties involved you need a good lawyer to sort it out.

If you are involved in an accident and have no insurance can the other persons insurance comapany sue you if you fail to pay them for damages?

Anyone can sue you for any reason. Yes the company can sue you and if you are found negligent per your state’s laws – you would owe the judgment. If you cannot pay the judgment you can work out a payment plan with the court’s approval.

If my insurance company deducts my deductible from a homeowners claim do i still pay the deductible?

Yes. The insurance company will pay their portion of the claim which does not include the deductible because that is your portion .

What happens if you have a car accident and the other person has no insurance?

That usually means that if you have any injuries, they need to pay for your car and/or medical bill, Unless you caused the crash which doesn’t make a big difference watching as how you and the other driver are responsible for the crash. Don’t always go by what I’m telling, I learned this from drivers ed.

What happens if I have an accident and the other person has no insurance?

Presuming that the collision was the other person’s fault, there are a duo of avenues for you to take. Very first and foremost, obtain a police report. You or the other driver must call the police and have them come to the scene. Ideally, do not budge the cars so that the investigating officer can see the relative positions of the cars. However, if the cars are blocking other traffic or otherwise creating a hazard, you may have to stir them. The police officer may not ticket either party if he/she does not believe that a moving disturbance has been committed. However, that does not mean that the other party was not negligent (careless); a different standard is used to determine that. Once that is all done, obtain an estimate of the cost of repairs from a reputable assets shop. That will be the fundamental basis of your claim. If you have to rent a vehicle while your car is being repaired, that cost is an element of your damages too. Contact the other party in writing, but do not be impolite or requesting. Explain that you believe that he/she was at fault for the collision that you seek reimbursement for damages; enclose a copy of the repair estimate. If the other party responds with an admission of fault, they may nonetheless question the reasonable of the damages. If you cannot come to a compromise (which is to be encouraged), you are free to sue in a court of competent jurisdiction. By that I mean the court that has the power to award the amount of damages that you seek (for example, a County Court or a Circuit Court–the names may be different depending upon the location) Keep in mind that if you do sue, the cargo is upon you to prove that the other party was at fault, as well as the reasonableness of your damages. You do this by wordy testimony (you and any other witnesses to the collision), and you generally have to bring to court as another witness the assets shop representative who assessed and quantified the harm to your car. It is usually not enough to merely present the estimate, as the other party does not have the chance to question the person who ready it. If the party who you sue does not react to the lawsuit or show up in court to defend as required, generally you win by default. If the court finds that the other party was at fault and that you have proven your damages, it will come in a judgment in your favor. This is an official finding that the other party owes you a stated sum of money. However, the judgment is not self-executing, meaning that it is not the same as cash-in-hand. You may have to take extra steps to collect upon it, such as attachment of a bank account (if you can find it). Doing this takes extra work by you and the outlay of extra court costs and other expenses. Not all of those amounts may be recoverable from the other party. Many states have “financial responsibility laws” which require owners/operators of vehicles to maintain insurance. Likewise, if one does not have insurance as required, and a judgment is entered against them stemming from a collision, the driver’s license authorities have the power to suspend the person’s license and tags until payment of the judgment is made. Often, that is an inexpensive way to coerce payment, altho it often takes some time to accomplish the aim. It is usually necessary that you send a certified copy of the judgment and other paperwork to the motor vehicle authorities with a request for the suspension. All of this suggests that if property harm alone is involved, it is usually best to reasonably compromise if it is possible to do so.

If you are in an accident where other driver is at fault and their insurance is covering car rental what can you do if insurance stops paying for car rental but car is still in shop being repaired?

Ask the insurance company why they are no longer paying the rental bill. If they have accepted liability the only reason they would stop paying would be due to the repair shop taking excessive time to finish the repairs. (In the insurance company’s opinion). Albeit you will be roped into this, it should be inbetween the insurance company and the assets shop. If the insurance company won’t budge ask the repair shop to pick up the remainder of the rental bill until repairs are finish. This is common in this industry.

If you are in an accident and it is not your fault will the other insurance pay if you do not have comprehensive insurance?

Yes. The terms of your insurance policy are not relevant if the other party is at fault.

If your already salvaged car is in another accident that is the other persons fault does his insurance company pay anything?

Why are you driving a salvaged car. If the car has any value theymay pay something. If they bruised something that wasn’t alreadydamaged, they might pay something. You may end up having some faultfor driving an unsafe vehicle as well if it was salvaged vehiclethat was not repaired.

When you are in an auto accident with no insurance will the other persons insurance pay for their cars damages?

Their insurance policy will pay for their own car. However you must know it’s against the law not to have insurance coverage for your auto.

What if your in a car accident and the other person gives you the wrong insurance information?

If you have contact information for the other party, you might attempt contacting them in the event they gave you erroneous or outdated information. You can also file a police report after the fact if necessary with your local authorities. with the plate number they can determine any associated insurer and policy number. If determined no coverage they can cite the possessor and or driver and suspend their drivers license. The procedure may vary by state.

Who do pay your car insurance deductible to?

Your deductible only gets paid in the event of a claim. For example, you tap a light pole in the mall parking lot. The pole is ok but your car is bruised. If you have comprehensive coverage on your car, your insurance company will pay a claim to have it repaired. So, you get a assets shop who says it will cost $1,400 to fit it. If your deductible is, say, $500.00, your insurance company cuts a check to the figure shop for $900.00 which is the difference inbetween the harm repair bill and the deductible. Thus, you must come up with the $500.00 amount.

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If you get into a car accident and the other person does not have insurance do you still pay the deductible?

When in a car accident that is not your fault dose the other Insurance company pay for the car rental Insurance?

Yes, as long as you had comprehensive and collision insurance on your own policy. Rental companies require you to have these and the other party will not pay for them.

Can the other persons insurance cover your deductible?

Yes. That is part of your claim against them. However, if you filed with your insurance company, you gave up your right to pursue them for damages. Generally speaking, your insurance company will pursue the other party’s insurance company and if the other company pays, that payme usually includes your deductible.

Does your auto insurance deductible cover your car and the car that you hit in an accident?

You do not pay a deductible for the car that you hit. Your liability coverage does not have a deductible.

What do you do when your car insurance wont pay after an accident?

Check your policy, and if they are attempting to cheat you, then sue them till they have to pull out a loan just to go to the bathroom.

If you are at fault in an auto accident do you have to pay the other persons deductible and my vehicle had already been bruised?

No. They are responsible for their own deductible. Because, when my van got hit, which was parked, I had to pay my deductible before the insurance company would cover it!

Who pays for ache and suffering when the person responsible for the car accident doesn’t have enough insurance to even pay for your medical bills?

generally, it would be from your “uninsured/under-insured motorist” coverage. You wind up suing your own insurance company to collect. If the uninsured motorist coverage on your individual auto policy is not enough, you may also be able to tap the uninsured motorist coverage under your umbrella policy (if you have one). Now, if you live in a “no-fault” state you can tap the “private injury protection” or something similar (different states call if different things). If you are in this situation, I’d very suggest you consult an experienced lawyer. ReactionYou would have to sue the responsible party in the accident for agony and suffering. If they are insured for liability and you can prove anguish and suffering in court, then their insurance company would pay a court judgement up to the policy boundaries. If they are not insured for it then you would very first have to pay your own lawyer expenses and you could get a judgement against the responsible driver with which you could then seek wage garnishments and property liens to recoup your loss.

What if you were in an accident and the other person has no insurance?

In most places, motorists are required to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance to take care of just such a situation. If you’d like details, call your insurance agent and ask how it would be dealt with in your particular case.

Will your insurance company still pay for the damages to your car if your daughter who has no drivers license and who was not at fault for the accident drives the car at time of accident?

Most likely not, as most policies only cover drivers not listed on the policy if they were given permission to drive. If you gave your unlicensed daughter permission to drive, then you can be issued a ticket. However, if the accident was not your daughter’s fault, then the at fault party is responsible for the harm they caused to your vehicle, regardless if the other party was licensed or not.

Do you have to pay for a car when in an accident who does not have insurance?

Pretty much yes, If your liable for the harm then you have to payfor those damages. If you’d have had your car insurance in place atthe time, it would have paid the bill for you however. Good luck..

Who pays the deductible when the other person is at fault?

There is not deductible with liability insurance coverage. Liability pays the party who is not fault for their damages without a deductible. If you were at fault collision would pay for damages to your vehicle but you will have a deductible of whatever you selected when you purchased the insurance policy.

Do you have to pay your deductible if the accident was the other drivers fault?

The other driver should be paying if they were at fault; you maysue them for your deductible in puny claims court if they had noinsurance.

What are the best deductibles to pay on car insurance?

It is hard to say the best deductible to pay for car insurance since it will vary by person. It depends on how much a person could afford to pay out of pocket if they get into a pocket, and if a person thinks that they would get into accidents often.

Will the insurance on my car still pay me for my totaled 2001 Jeep since I was in accident that not my fault and the other uninsured driver ran a stop sign at high speed?

Obviously every insurance claim is different, because every policy is different. For a specific question about your policy, call your broker or have a lawyer examine your policy. WikiAnswers does not claim that this is flawless response or a necessary indication of what the insurance company will do. With that disclaimer, there are two general types of car insurance coverage for collisions: liability and collision. Liability is far more common and required by law in most US states. However, liability only pays for harm incurred on the other person’s car. So, for example, if you caused harm to another car (and depending on the fault rules in your state) that other car’s driver could recover from your liability. Collision protects your own car from harm. If you have only liability in the present case, your insurance will not pay for your totaled car. Conversely, if you have collision, it is likely covered. In order to recoup the cost for your 2001 Jeep if you do not have collision, you need to collect it from the uninsured driver, either by asking him (and hoping he is a decent human being) or by suing him for the moneys owed.

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